Light Pulp

Due to the epic scope of this campaign, and its well-deserved reputation as something of a meat grinder, we will be implementing select modifications from Pulp Cthulhu. On the ol' "Pulp-o-Meter," we'll be going for the "Light" setting…

Hit Points

All player-character investigators and significant villains have Hit Points equal to SIZ plus CON divided by 5. All other characters and creatures have Hit Points equal to SIZ plus CON divided by 10.

Spending Luck

The optional rule for Spending Luck is in full effect. Options include:

  • Adjusting Skill or Characteristic Rolls: Spend 1 Luck Point to alter the result of a dice roll by 1 point. Such spends may be used to turn a failure into a success, a Regular success into a Hard success, and so on.
  • Halve Sanity Loss: When the Keeper informs you that you have lost a certain number of SAN points, you may spend double that amount to lose only half the total.
  • Avoid Unconsciousness: If you fail a CON roll to stay conscious, you may spend 1 Luck Point to remain conscious for one more round. Thereafter, you may continue spending Luck at a rate of double the previous round's total to maintain consciousness. So the second round would cost 2 Luck Points, the third round would cost 4, and so on.

Luck may not be spent to turn a normal dice roll into a Critical success, nor to undo a natural Fumble.

Remember that you may always choose to "push" a skill roll instead of spending Luck. You may not spend Luck on a pushed roll.

After each session, a player may roll against their current Luck score. If the roll is failed, regain 1D10 Luck points. If the roll succeeds, regain none.

Villain Luck

Every point of Luck spent by a player-character goes towards increasing the luck of major villains in the adventure. All villains begin the game with zero Luck points. Every time a player-character spends Luck, the Keeper assigns the spent points to one of his villains.

Villains may spend luck in the same way as player-characters. They may also spend all their Luck to have a nearby (within 5 feet) underling or henchman sacrifice themselves by taking the damage from an attack aimed at the villain.

Faster Recovery

Natural healing occurs at the rate of +2 Hit Points per day. Successful First Aid and Medicine rolls restore 1D4 Hit Points instead of 1D3.

Blaze of Glory

When faced with certain death or permanent insanity a hero has a choice to make. They may be able to avoid death by spending Luck points or they can choose to go out in a blaze of glory—allowing the hero to perform one final dynamic, spectacular, and dramatic action before they die.

Going out in a blaze of glory does not cost Luck points, it is a “free” option allowing the hero to attempt one thing—one last desperate act—before they die. If the final action involves a skill roll, then the outcome is automatically successful. The player should still roll to see the degree of success (with a failed roll meaning the action is only partially successful). Once the action has been attempted the hero is dead and cannot be revived.

A blaze of glory act might be undertaken to enable another character to perform a heroic action; in this case, award a Bonus Die to the character the dying hero is assisting for their next skill or attribute roll. Such self-sacrifice allows the player concerned to narrate what they are doing to aid the other character; what final flourish they provide that enables another to perform the dramatic action.

Light Pulp

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