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  • Dr. Christian Lorien

    Dr. Lorien has recently taken up the post of town doctor in Poissy after completing residencies in Paris, where he met his wife Veronique. He is a warm-hearted and welcoming person. He purchased a fine house on the outskirts of Poissy shortly after moving …

  • Veronique Lorien

    Veronique met Christian Lorien while she was studying art and art history at the Sorbonne. She gave up a promising career in fine arts to marry the doctor and move to Poissy. Her husband and daughter are the lights of her life, but she was much vexed by …

  • Quitterie Lorien

    Quitterie likes to play in the yard and watch the fishies swim in the pond during the warm months. She's happy that mommy and daddy are happy now that "le visage de l'homme mort" has left, never to trouble the family again.