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  • Catarina Cavollaro

    Caterina Cavollaro is a native of Milan, Italy. Most opera critics agree that she was the most powerful soprano to take the stage since Adelina Patti. All that is behind her now, however, after the ravages of the Brotherhood of the Skin.

  • Maria Stagliani

    Daughter of a distinguished and recently-deceased professor, Maria is of old noble blood. She is the object of two suitors, but her heart belongs to just onethe young revolutionary Georgio Gasparetti.

  • Georgio Gasparetti

    Young Gasparetti is an idealistic warrior for the cause of international Communism. This has made his predicament in Fascist Italy extremely tenuous. He is determined to carry on the fight for the proletariat, however, and to win the hand of his one true …

  • Alberto Rossini

    A greasy-faced, pudgy man, Rossini wields great power in Venice as the city's highest-ranking member of the Milizia Volontaria per la Sicurezza Nazionalecolloquially known as the Blackshirts. With his loyal cadre of followers, all hardened _Arditi_ …