Tag: dreamer


  • Karakov

    The mononymous Karakov is one of the most infamous businessmen in Europe. He made his fortune as an arms dealer during the Great War; it is said that he made £1 for every man who died on the front lines. He is known for his total amorality and willingness …

  • Madame Bruja

    Countless legends surround the woman known as Madame Bruja. She carries a heart-shaped valise that she never lets out of her sight and only occasionally sets down.

  • Henri Peeters

    "Hello, Henri is here." A committed employee of the Compagnie Internationale des Wagons-Lits, Henri Peeters always made sure his passengers were transported not just literally but figuratively as well, working hard to anticipate their every last need …

  • Mironem-Mir

    Mironem-mir is a lean figure with pallid skin and dark hair. His eyes have neither pupil nor iris, just a glistening expanse of yellow. He is courteous and gentle but gives cryptic answers to blunt questions. He has the compartment next to the dreamers.

  • Zsusza

    Zsusza is a young and pretty girl at first seen muffled in a heavy traveling cloak. She has long golden hair elaborately dressed in a high mound of glorious curls. Beneath the cloak she wears a semi-transparent harem-girl outfit, trousers and shirt, mere …

  • Blackjack

    Most of the Ulthar cats stay in their Cat Compartment. There is one exception. His name is Blackjack.

  • King Kuranes

    King Kuranes is perhaps the greatest dreamer who ever lived. He discovered the Dreamlands at an early age, and created the city of Celephaïs out of his dreams. He is now king of the entire land of Ooth-Nargai and the cloud-carved city of Serranian. In the …