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  • Dion Fortune

    Fortune was born in Llandudno, North Wales, to a wealthy upper middle-class English family, although little is known of her early life. By her teenage years she was living in England's West Country, where she wrote two books of poetry. After time spent at …

  • Abram Jandyce

    Abram Jarndyce was once a harmless eccentric. Now he's an obsessive, demented eccentric. He genuinely thinks that investigators who won't let him sacrifice them to the All-in-One are selfish meanies.

  • Dr. Julius Smith

    Professor Julius Arthur Smith, Litt.D., Ph.D., is 59, a heavy-set Englishman, a scholar who now devotes himself entirely to research. He is famed for his whiskers and great curling moustaches that give him the air of a friendly walrus. His disgusting …

  • James Beddows

    James Beddows is the faithful and devoted butler to Professor Smith. He has served the good doctor for nearly three decades and has seen him through triumph and tragedy alike. He would do anything to ensure his master's safety and comfort.