Continent of Horrors

Constantinople is a Bustling Town

Occupied Constantinople

I knew that Constantinople was occupied at some point during the 1920s, but I didn't know the occupation was nearing its end… just as we enter it!  Perhaps everyone is already aware of the context, but I was unclear, so I thought I'd share.

Constantinople was occupied from November 13, 1918 – September 23, 1923 by British, French and Italian forces after WWI, to end Ottoman participation.  The treaty to end the occupation will be signed in July, five months after our characters' arrival.  There's quite a bit of political build-up at this time!  We're going to see a lot of commotion!  

Anyway, I thought that was pretty interesting :)

Constantinople, occupied, October 1923

The photo, above, shows persons being warned to leave their homes by the British Army because the entire street would be torched (it was, shortly after this photo was taken), 1923.  The inhabitants were suspected Turkish Nationalists.  

Can you find a fez?  





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