STR 45 DEX 80 INT 65 CON 60 SIZ 45 APP 75 POW 45 EDU 60 SAN 65 Hit Points: 11 Damage Bonus: 0.

Skills: Art (Dance) 90%, Art (Sing) 90%, Bargain 55%, Climb 50%, Dodge 50%, Dream Lore 25%, Dreaming 25%, Jump 50%, Swim 50%.

Combat Skills: Fighting (Brawling) 50%.


Zsusza is a young and pretty girl at first seen muffled in a heavy traveling cloak. She has long golden hair elaborately dressed in a high mound of glorious curls. Beneath the cloak she wears a semi-transparent harem-girl outfit, trousers and shirt, mere wafts of diaphanous mauve silk sewed with glittering seed pearls.


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