Veronique Lorien

Vexed homemaker and artist


STR 60 DEX 50 INT 80 CON 75 SIZ 60 APP 75 POW 70 EDU 85 SAN 70 Hit Points: 13 Damage Bonus: None.

Skills: Art 65%, History 50%, Law 45%, Library Use 65%.

Combat Skills: Dodge 25%.

Language Skills: English 70%, French (own) 85%, German 60%, Latin 35%.


Veronique met Christian Lorien while she was studying art and art history at the Sorbonne. She gave up a promising career in fine arts to marry the doctor and move to Poissy. Her husband and daughter are the lights of her life, but she was much vexed by severe arthritis that developed in her left arm shortly after moving into her new house in the village.

Since the unearthing of the Sedefkar Simulacrum, her arthritis has cleared up remarkably quickly and she has begun painting again.

Veronique Lorien

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