Remi Vangeim

Idealistic grad student


STR 65 DEX 50 INT 80 CON 70 SIZ 75 APP 70 POW 65 EDU 80 SAN 65 Hit Points: 14 Damage Bonus: +1d4.

Skills: Library Use 40%, Persuade 60%, Spot Hidden 40%

Combat Skills: Brawl 40%, Dodge 25%.

Language Skills: English 60%, French (own) 85%, German 70%, Greek 20%, Latin 45%, Old French 65%.


Remi Vangeim is a typical starving graduate student. Pursuing a degree in History, his studies focus on the working class in the 18th century during the run-up to the French Revolution. Vangeim is a committed socialist and Trotskyite, anxious to see the worldwide proletarian revolution come into being during his lifetime.

Remi Vangeim

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