Padma Daschel

An aged antiquarian of occult interests...


Name: Padma Daschel

Age: 70, born 1852

Occupation: Antiquarian

Nationality : British/Indian

Birthplace: Kolkata, Bengal, India

Trait: Good Reputation – fearless in the face of danger

STR 25 DEX 30 INT 75 CON 30

SIZ 50 APP 40 POW 40 EDU 77

SAN: 40 Hit Points: 16 Luck: 90 MP: 8

Damage Bonus: -1 Build: -1

Skills: Accounting 10%, Appraise 25%, Art/Craft: Maps 71%, Charm 20%, Credit Rating 86%, Dodge 15%, Disguise 10%, Fighting/Brawl 50%, Firearms: Handgun 55%, History 29%, Language (Other): Hindi 40%, Language (Other): Latin 39%, Library Use 55%, Listen 28%, Navigate 75%, Occult 99%, Persuade 45%, Sleight of Hand 15%, Spot Hidden 65%.

Ideology/Beliefs: Member of Stella Matutina

Significant People: Her father, Mr. Lionel Daschel, now deceased. Swami Anandamettya (Allan Bennet), long-time ally and friend

Meaningful Location: Primrose Hill, her place of contemplation

Treasured Possession: Her mother’s ruby earrings, a memento from her childhood

Phobias/Manias: Thalassophobia (fear of the sea), mild opium addiction

Arcane Tomes, Spells & Artifacts: Force Wand, Healing Talisman, Pentagram Ritual, Advanced Astrology, Exorcism, Spirit Vision

Spending Level: £10 Cash £86 Assets £8,600, Primrose Hill, Pellgraine Estate


Born in Bengal, daughter of a British antiques dealer and collector and an Indian poetess. Shortly following the Indian Revolt of 1857 (shortly after Padma was born), her parents decided to leave the country due to rising social and political discord. However, the journey to Britain was met with tragedy when a storm nearly capsized their ship, claiming the lives of several members of the crew, including Padma’s mother.

Has since taken over her father’s business and estate in London, and is an esteemed antiquarian in her own right, as well as a learned occultist. Now she is rarely seen outside the company of her valet and apprentice, young Duncan Bowers.

Padma as a young woman.

Padma Daschel

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