Max von Wertheim

Teutonic swindler


STR 60 DEX 70 INT 70 CON 65 SIZ 80 APP 90 POW 75 EDU 55 SAN 75 Hit Points: 14 Damage Bonus: +1d4.

Skills: Credit Rating 40%, Charm 65%, Fast Talk 80%, Persuade 75%.

Combat Skills: Brawl 75%, Dodge 35%.

Language Skills: English 60%, French 50%, German (Own) 70%.


The life story Max tells the world is long and involved. It involves an ancestral fortune, a father who dies on his way to change the will, an evil brother who hates Max—all the right ingredients. This heart-wrenching tale lasts three hours; to von Wurtheim’s credit, he always tells it well, and the listeners may find themselves quite engrossed, though by the end of it no one believes a shred of it.

Max is full of half-baked “facts” and theories about the world. He is also incredibly charming, and never, ever pays the bill.

Max von Wertheim

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