Maj. Vasil Christova

Bulgarian Special Inspector


STR 80 DEX 60 INT 65 CON 70 SIZ 85 APP 55 POW 75 EDU 70 SAN 63 Hit Points: 15 Damage Bonus: +1D6.

Skills: Drive Auto 45%, Fast Talk 50%, Intimidate 55%, Law 65%, Persuade 35%, Psychology 45%, Spot Hidden 55%, Stealth 45%, Track 45%.

Combat Skills: Fighting (Brawling) 80%, Firearms (Rifle/Shotgun) 75%, Firearms (Pistol) 85%, Firearms (Automatic Rifle) 55%.

Language Skills: Bulgarian (own) 80%, English 40%, Russian 45%, Turkish 35%.


Major Vasil Christova is a man of much mystery: a special-inspector appointed by the Prime Minister, yet unwelcome in the local police precincts, he maintains no fixed address. He is seen around Sofia in a black, unmarked vehicle with one or two close confederates. What is he investigating? To whom does he report?

Maj. Vasil Christova

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