King Kuranes

Ruler of Celephaïs and Serranian


STR 85 DEX 75 INT 90 CON 90 SIZ 55 APP 75 POW 80 EDU 92 SAN 55 Hit Points: 15 Damage Bonus: +1d4.

Skills: Cthulhu Mythos 44%, Dreaming 99%, Dream Lore 94%, Fast Talk 64%, Hide 66%, Listen 68%, Natural History 58%, Navigate 61%, Persuade 94%, Pilot Boat 45%, Pilot Sky Galleon 60%, Ride 86%, Sneak 56%, Swim 63%.

Combat Skills: Longsword 92%.

Language Skills: English (own) 90%.


King Kuranes is perhaps the greatest dreamer who ever lived. He discovered the Dreamlands at an early age, and created the city of Celephaïs out of his dreams. He is now king of the entire land of Ooth-Nargai and the cloud-carved city of Serranian. In the Waking World he overdosed on drugs. He became a mere husk of a man once wealthy and powerful, but who ruined himself searching for the Dreamlands. After he died in the Waking World, he became king of Celephaïs. He lived there happily for decades, but has now grown homesick for his native land, and has built a town near Celephaïs which closely resembles his lost home.

As an adventuring dreamer, Kuranes traveled in many realms other than Earth’s Dreamlands. He is the only dreamer to have returned from Azathoth’s throne sane and unchanged. Randolph Carter and King Kuranes are close friends.

King Kuranes

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