Infamous arms dealer


STR 60 DEX 50 INT 90 CON 45 SIZ 70 APP 90 POW 80 EDU 90 SAN 43 Hit Points: 11 Damage Bonus: +1d4.

Skills: Accounting 85%, Credit Rating 80%, Dream Lore 11%, Dreaming 17%, Fast Talk 90%, Persuade 70%, Stealth 40%, Spot Hidden 70%.

Combat Skills: Cutlass 65%, Dodge 50%.

Language Skills: English 90%, French 55%, German 60%, Russian (own) 70%.


The mononymous Karakov is one of the most infamous businessmen in Europe. He made his fortune as an arms dealer during the Great War; it is said that he made £1 for every man who died on the front lines. He is known for his total amorality and willingness to sell weapons and munitions to anyone and everyone. The bottom line is all that matters to him. He also funds development of new weapon systems, most notably weaponized prussic acid (hydrogen cyanide).

Although born and raised in Russia, he was educated at Oxford and speaks with an RP accent. He is a committed bachelor who has left a trail of broken hearts across the continent. Karakov maintains residences in London, Monte Carlo, and Zurich.


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