Georgio Gasparetti

Italian Revolutionary Lover


STR 70 DEX 75 INT 55 CON 80 SIZ 75 APP 75 POW 85 EDU 60 SAN 85 Hit Points: 15 Damage Bonus: +1D4.

Combat Skills: Brawl 67%, Dodge 53%.

Skills: Charm 53%, Climb 78%, Jump 64%, Library Use 45%, Persuade 22%, Stealth 47%, Swim 51%, Trow 38%.

Language Skills: English 17%, French 45%, Italian (Own) 55%.


Young Gasparetti is an idealistic warrior for the cause of international Communism. This has made his predicament in Fascist Italy extremely tenuous. He is determined to carry on the fight for the proletariat, however, and to win the hand of his one true beloved, Maria Stagliani.

Georgio Gasparetti

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