George Oliver Onions

Designer, writer, motorist, boxer ... George of all trades! (BACKUP)


Name: George Oliver Onions!
Age: 49
Occupation: Commercial Artist / Writer / Boxer
Nationality: British
Birthplace: Bradford, Yorkshire, England
Trait: loyal

STR 70 DEX 50 INT 35 CON 75

SIZ 65 APP 25 POW 50 EDU 40

SAN: 50 Hit Points: 28 Luck: 45 MP: 10

Damage Bonus: 1 Build: 1

Skills: Art/Craft: Illustrator 25%, Credit Rating 20%, Dodge 25%, Drive 45%, Fighting: Brawl 35%, History 10%, Intimidate 25%, Language (Other): French 10%, Language (Own): 20%, Library Use 20%, Listen 40%, Psychology 20%, Spot Hidden 30%.

Ideology/Beliefs: Belief in Fate—class hierarchy

Significant People: Father; seeks reconciliation.

Meaningful Location(s): Pub (place for socializing)

Treasured Possession: car, #9 Ford Model T Racer

Phobias/Manias: A bit too fond of alcohol; femmephobia / fear of appearing feminine

Arcane Tomes, Spells & Artifacts: Has many friends returned from the War who experienced strange and evil they can’t explain…

Spending Level: £2 Cash £8 Assets £200.

Onions is a commercial artist (designer and illustrator) by trade, but writes horror fiction on the side. He is eventually convinced to pursue his writing full-time.



Born in 1873
Age 49 (1922)
Dies 1961

Most famous for the ghost story collection Widdershins (1911), the cover of which he painted:

He has mentioned, while intoxicated, that he knows of the otherworldly evil that sparked the War..

Drunken rants! … or are they?


George Oliver Onions

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