Duncan Bowers

A young man just trying to come to terms with the world...


Name: Duncan Bowers

Age: 20, born 1902

Occupation: Valet

Nationality : American

Birthplace: Strong City, Kansas

Trait: Good with Animals, grew up on a farm

STR 80 DEX 40 INT 55 CON 45

SIZ 65 APP 70 POW 60 EDU 40

SAN: 60 Hit Points: 22 Luck: 55 MP: 12

Damage Bonus: +1d4 Build: 1

Skills: Appraise 5%, Art/Craft: Dog Handling 5%, Climb 40%, Credit Rating 40%, Dodge 20%, Fighting/Brawl 80%, Firearms: Rifle/Shotgun 55%, First Aid 45%, Language (Other): Hindi 30%, Library Use 20%, Listen 45%, Mechanical Repair 20%, Operate Heavy Machinery 21%, Psychology 10%, Spot Hidden 55%, stealth 75%, Throw 55%.

Ideology/Beliefs: Believes in the Occult, particularly Astrology

Significant People: The family back home. Vance Victorson, his idol

Meaningful Location: The catalpa tree back home where he’d star-gaze as a boy – the place he was always happiest.

Treasured Possession: His pet Saluki, Nike, a gift from Miz Padma

Phobias/Manias: Iatrophobia (fear of doctors)

Arcane Tomes, Spells & Artifacts: La Chronique de Saint Michel

Spending Level: £2 Cash £16 Assets £400


A former American soldier in World War I, Duncan lied about his age in order to leave the family farm in Kansas and prove his mettle. Things didn’t go expected, and after his military stint he ended up wandering London in possession of a strange and terrible book… until he chanced upon an esteemed antiquarian, Miz Daschel. Now Duncan serves as a loyal valet and apprentice, eager to learn and to repay the woman who helped him regain faith in the light.

Duncan Bowers

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