Dr. Christian Lorien

Friendly country doctor


STR 75 DEX 60 INT 80 CON 75 SIZ 65 APP 70 POW 65 EDU 91 SAN 65 Hit Points: 14 Damage Bonus: +1d4.

Skills: Art (Cooking) 60%, First Aid 95%, Medicine 75%, Psychology 45%, Science (Biology) 50%, Science (Chemistry) 20%.

Combat Skills: Brawl 25%, Dodge 30%.

Language Skills: English 70%, French (Own) 91%, Latin 15%.


Dr. Lorien has recently taken up the post of town doctor in Poissy after completing residencies in Paris, where he met his wife Veronique. He is a warm-hearted and welcoming person. He purchased a fine house on the outskirts of Poissy shortly after moving to town.

In the aftermath of finding the Simulacrum piece under the property, he made every effort to notify the appropriate state and religious officials to tend to the human remains in the subterranean jail.

Dr. Christian Lorien

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