Catarina Cavollaro

One-time diva


STR 55 DEX 60 INT 65 CON 70 SIZ 60 APP 35 POW 60 EDU 85 SAN 42 Hit Points: 13 Damage Bonus: none.

Skills: Art (Sing) 26%, Charm 70%, Credit Rating 80%, Enjoy Life 85%, Fast Talk 63%, Listen 55%.

Language Skills: English 45%, French 50%, Italian (Own) 85%, German 20%.


Caterina Cavollaro is a native of Milan, Italy. Most opera critics agree that she was the most powerful soprano to take the stage since Adelina Patti. All that is behind her now, however, after the ravages of the Brotherhood of the Skin.

Catarina Cavollaro

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