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Collier’s Magazine Article #3

Vance Victorson’s Adventures in Leisure

January 12th, 1923 | Dorothy Gale, Collier's Magazine reporter

LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND - Vance Victorson, handsome and talented star of stage and screen, has embarked on the adventure of a lifetime as he makes his way across Europe while traveling in luxury on the Orient Express. Mr. Victorson began his trip in Paris, France after exploring the Parisan nightlife, as well as visiting the rustic French countryside. At midnight on January 11th, the Orient Express kicked off its departure in grand style with a champagne night-cap for its passengers. Serendipitously, opera diva Catarina Cavollaro, fresh off her Paris performances as Tosca, provided the lucky travelers an impressive preview of an aria from her upcoming role as Aida in the opera of the same name premiering in he diva’s hometime of Milan, Italy, on January 13th. Mr. Victorson was enthralled with the stunning soprano’s performance and is chomping at the bit to attend the Aida premiere tomorrow at Teatro alla Scalla.

Before Milan, however, Mr. Victorson decided to visit charming Lausanne, Switzerland in order to take in the brisk winter weather and the sights. He particularly enjoyed the views from Le Signal and took his time exploring the famous Cathedral of Notre Dame of Lausanne and its impressive stained glass Rose Window. He also enjoyed visiting local artisans and cafes during his brief time in the city. Mr. Victorson is looking ahead to even more profound and inspiring locales as he continues his travels. Be sure to look for more updates on Vance’s adventures in the next Collier’s Magazine!


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Collier’s Magazine Article #3

That photo is PERFECT!

Collier’s Magazine Article #3
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