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Collier’s Magazine Article #2

Vance Victorson’s Adventures in Leisure

January 4th, 1923 | Dorothy Gale, Collier's Magazine reporter

LONDON, ENGLAND – Vance Victorson, star of The Prisoner of Zenda and Where the Pavement Ends, is back traversing the British Isles once more to start the new year and to also do research for an upcoming film. Mr. Victorson spent many hours in the University of London’s library and the British Museum this past week, combing over the tomes, articles, paintings, and sculptures pertinent to his newest role. The humble and self-effacing actor was maintaining his anonymity fairly well during his time at the University until he was spotted by a bright young student who then spread the word to her friends the talented artist was on campus. Autographs ensued happily between Mr. Victorson and the students for some time. He turned no one away. Once he was assured his devoted fans were satisfied, our intrepid artist sought out some opportunities for sporting goods shopping for an upcoming trip. Be sure to look for more updates on Vance’s adventures in next month’s Collier’s Magazine!


That grad student! She’s PERFECT!!!

Collier’s Magazine Article #2
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