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Collier’s Magazine Article #1

Vance Victorson’s Adventures in Leisure

June 24th, 1922 |Dorothy Gale, Collier's Magazine reporter

SURREY, ENGLAND – Vance Victorson, star of stage and screen, is taking some time to rest and recuperate in Jolly Old England. The dark-haired actor of such films as “The Invisible Hand” and “Sundown Slim” was invited into the quaint country home of Dion Fortune to enjoy the misty British countryside. Victorson was excited to peruse Fortune’s inherited collection of mirrors in her home and may bring some of his finds back with him stateside to enhance his luxury mansion in Beverly Hills. During his time in Surrey, Victorson put his marksmanship skills to good use by ridding the property of some troublesome pests. Miss Fortune was impressed with the aplomb Victorson exhibited in this endeavor. What else could we ever expect from our homegrown war hero? Look for more updates on Vance’s adventures during his time abroad in next month’s Collier’s Magazine.

(Vance Victorson admiring one of the many views of Miss Dion Fortune's Surrey home. Photo by Dorothy Gale)


Holy moly! Look at that!!!
Was the session centered precisely this photo? :)

Collier’s Magazine Article #1

Believe it or not, Des found that pic after the session. And it’s of Ramon Navarro, even!

Collier’s Magazine Article #1
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