Vance Victorson

Battle-Scarred Film Star


“I believe in a sovereign God, a strong nightcap, the fighting power of the United States serviceman, and the Motion Picture Producers and Distributors of America.”

- Victorson, Vance. Interview with Rozella Georgette. Vogue Magazine. 1921.

STR: 50% INT: 80%
CON: 75% POW: 65%
SIZ: 50% EDU: 85%
DEX: 60% SAN 65
APP: 80% LUCK: 50

HP: 27
MP: 13
Current SAN: 68
Damage Bonus: +0

Notable Skills:

Art: Acting 60%, Charm 65%, Climb 43%, Credit Rating 70%, Cthulhu Mythos 05%, Disguise 61%, Dodge 30%, Fast Talk 60%, Firearms: Rifle/Shotgun 70%, First Aid 45%, Language (Own): English 85%, Spot Hidden 55%, Stealth 60%

Ideology/Belief(s): Practicing Catholic

Significant People: B. Reeves Eason, Idolize

Meaningful Location(s): 101 Highway between Ventura and Santa Barbara


Treasured Possession(s): Distinguished Service Cross, posthumously awarded to a member of his (mostly) lost unit.

Trait(s): Ladies’ Man

Injuries & Scars:

Phobias & Manias:

Arcane Tomes, Spells & Artifacts:

Encounters with Strange Entities:

  • Oct. 1918. Argonne Forest, France. Strange humanoid creatures.
  • July. 1922. London, England. “Fido,” a crystalline quadruped from the 4th dimension.

Occupation: Film Actor
Age: 29
Sex: M
Residence: Beverly Hills, CA
Birthplace: Santa Barbara, CA

Vance Victorson

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