Dr. Julius Smith

Paraphysical Researcher


STR 60 DEX 50 INT 85 CON 65 SIZ 55 APP 60 POW 85 EDU 93 SAN 75 Hit Points: 12 Damage Bonus: None.

Skills: Archaeology 80%, Anthropology 10%, Appraise 40%, Art (Photography) 45%, Bon Mot 88%, Credit Rating 70%, Detect Fraud 45%, Fast Talk 35%, History 45%, Library Use 50%, Listen 40%, Maneuver For Knighthood 60%, Occult 25%, Parapsychology 25%, Persuade 60%, Psychology 55%, Science (Astronomy) 10%, Science (Chemistry) 10%, Science (Hyperphysics) 5%, Science (Linguistics) 60%, Science (Pharmacy) 20%, Science (Physics) 15%, Spot Hidden 75%.

Combat Skills: Brawl 25%

Language Skills: English (own) 93%, French 80%, German 80%, Norwegian 65%, Turkish 45%.


Professor Julius Arthur Smith, Litt.D., Ph.D., is 59, a heavy-set Englishman, a scholar who now devotes himself entirely to research. He is famed for his whiskers and great curling moustaches that give him the air of a friendly walrus. His disgusting preferences in tobaccos (especially his favorite, a foul, obsidian-hued Balkan Sobranje), his erudite after-dinner stories, and his hearty laugh are trademarks.

Dr. Smith has lived and traveled extensively on the Continent, His specialties are European languages and archaeology; his Litt.D. was conferred by the University of Vienna. Now his attention has shifted to matters parapsychological, with excellent result.

When in London, Smith spends most of his time lecturing at the University of London or reading at the British Museum library. He is a member at the Oriental Club, but does not get there as often as he would like. His country home is an estate not far from Cambridge. Margaret, his wife, died in 1919. These days his manservant Beddows, who is at once friend, assistant, and confidant, is his only companion.

Dr. Julius Smith

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